2015.07.12 BitSummit2015

We went to BitSummit 2015!! Here's our report on the event!


This year's BitSummit was held at the Miyako Messe, just like last year. The sun was blazing that weekend, but it was good to have nice weather. It feels like the event is getting bigger and bigger with each year, which is fantastic.


We took D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die -Season One- to the event and got a lot of people to play it!

With the adventure part demo, players can take their time and enjoy the deep story and scenario. The unique characters and solid story pulls players into the unique world of D4.


In the action part, the scenes are fun to watch whether you succeed or fail, and often snatch the gazes of other spectators. There is a difference in the reactions of Japanese and non-Japanese players, so it was fun to watch that too.


Those who took the time to play the game were awarded with an "Easy diagnostic chart for the future!!" that SWERY made, and a Limited Edition Original Postcard. If you were at BitSummit, we hope you managed to get one!


There are two kinds of postcards.

This postcard showcases D4 concept art designed by GOD TAIL


This is a cute postcard featuring Amanda, a character from D4


As long as you have this, you'll be able to contribute to the FUTURE too. The "Easy diagnostic chart for the future!!" is also viewable at! Click the chart image above for more details!!


We were also selling badge-sized play buttons at the event.

We had three different types of play buttons: One that featured the characters from the game, one that featured the logo, and one that featured the UI. A lot of customers loved the music, so the play buttons seemed to be a hit. The music contained on the play buttons is only a small collection from the complete soundtrack.

The soundtrack, which contains all the other songs, can be purchased on BandCamp, Google Play, or Amazon.

If you're interested in the D4 soundtrack, then please check it out and download it!




This event was a great chance for us to see players' reactions and hear them talk about the game. There were a lot of people from overseas at the event, and seeing how different their reactions were from the Japanese players gave us some food for thought for further development. Aside from our booth, our director SWERY also gave a speech at the center stage of the event. His speech was titled "Why I Create Original Games," and in it he talked about the importance of copyrights, and openly talked about the copyright status of our company's original games in order to give examples. We've uploaded a video of the speech to YouTube, so if you're interested, please check it out.



Since we were able to put on both a booth and a speech at this year's BitSummit, we felt like it really brought us closer to the fans and other people in the industry. Watching people play our game really boosted our motivation, and we hope to rise to even greater heights next year. Please keep cheering on Access Games!