AG EVENT 2011 The 10th Anniversary Trip on December 2 to 6

Hello everyone!
This is the event planner for the Access Games 10th anniversary trip!

Just recently we celebrated our 10 year anniversary at Access games!

We thought we ought to do something to commemorate our anniversary. It has been 10 years, after all!
So, with that in mind, from December 2nd to December 6th, 2011, all of the members of the development team went to Las Vegas for an educational trip!

Finally, we arrived in Las Vegas!
There're even slot machines in the airport?!

Everyone's excitement and hopes for Las Vegas just kept growing!
So... There's clear reasoning behind why we chose Las Vegas.

It's the home of casinos, there are all sorts of colorful shows, and the city is so huge
and the buildings are so massive, you wouldn't believe the land used to be a desert!
We figured that as humble entertainers, why not visit the city
that is known as the "demon of entertainment" ourselves? There you have it!

So for this event report, we'd like to paint a picture for you of just what that 10th anniversary trip to Las Vegas was like!!

★An overwhelming worldly feel constructed with a distinct concept!!

First off, let's introduce the awesomely-built hotels that are known as the heart of Las Vegas!!
Here's what's so great about Las Vegas' hotels... Headline-style!

 World View & Concept!!

The hotels are designed with just one theme, one concept, in mind.
Step one foot inside, and you're transported to another world!
Their existence is a form of entertainment in and of itself!

Planet Hollywood glitters like the stars in a movie scene!

In each room there are actual props that were used in Hollywood films!

The Venetian – a city of water in the middle of the desert!

You can see it from the outside, but this is what it looks like from the inside! The canals of Venice create the feeling of Italy!

The Luxor is like a page out of a travel diary to an ancient civilization!

Even the interior is Egyptian! And these pyramids are made from actual stone?!

The MGM Grand's personal flair comes from its golden lion king!

They've got the real thing inside?!
Who does that?!
There were many other distinct hotels, and we were completely drawn in by their polished concepts and worldly feeling.
It felt just like being at an amusement park, with each and every hotel a separate attraction.
Even in games, how you present and realize the core concept is an extremely important factor!
We learned quite a lot about design based on a concept from these hotels!

★Now this is America! Land of great Mother Nature!!

Next, I'd like to introduce the sprawling wilderness on the outskirts of Las Vegas! As soon as you leave the city, the vast land opens up before your eyes.
When you see that, it really hits home that the city of Las Vegas was created in the middle of the desert.
Even if you've seen the landscape in photographs before, actually standing there really hit home the importance of attending things in person... Headline-style!

 The Overwhelming scale of an endless land!!

If you look to the horizon, a river, so big it could be the ocean, spreads out before you in the wilderness like a hallucination!
And the earth reaches up as if to block out the sky! It was all on such an overwhelming scale that exceeded our imaginations!
(It's true, I'm not exaggerating one bit!!)
The development team was able to feel, in the flesh, the grand scale of nature that one could never dream of experiencing in Japan!!
Antelope Canyon. This is the entrance to the cavern...Looks like it's going to swallow them up!
Inside you're presented with this mysterious view!
The contrast between light and shadow is amazing!
Here's the Grand Canyon!
The accumulated layers are really impressive.
Is this cliff floating in mid-air!?
It's so steep it almost looks that way!
This is a photo from Zion National Park.
"So this is what panorama mode is for..." The photographer himself was surprised by this picture! Haha
Looking straight ahead at ground level...
It's as though it continues forever.
Of course, a rugged car is perfect for the American wilderness!
A tour on horseback... This is the view from the back of a horse. The blue sky shines on the red earth!

A souvenir picture against a magnificent mountain range backdrop. Feels like cowboys on the prairie!
It was just as though we'd stepped into the world of a video game or a movie!!
Compared to all the images I've seen on TV and in magazines up until now, I was most moved by actually being there myself.
I realized each place had its own different mood and atmosphere.
I felt as though I'd become the lead in a Western, just as if I had been sent to the age of the pioneers!
This is it, the feeling of total immersion!
I won't forget this feeling, and I'm gonna make a game that immerses everyone in the same way!

★The City of Entertainment on the national border, Las Vegas!

Finally, let me introduce the gallant performers and wonderful shows that unfold in Las Vegas!
Just walking around the city itself is fun! You'll never bore! You'll want to see it again... Headline-style!

 Entertainment that excites the core!

You could probably call it the greatest amusement park. Hotels organize performances better than you could imagine and hold them on the street!
People of all languages and backgrounds gather, and their voices ring out with surprise and wonder...
The City of Entertainment reaches the core part of everyone that does not need words to feel deeply moved!
Las Vegas presents the idea that everyone in the world: young or old, man or woman, can enjoy something simultaneously together perfectly.
I sure learned a lot!

Even within Cirque du Soleil, "O" is a popular The stage's settings were really menacing!

This is Cirque du Soleil's "Ka."

This super giant fountain danced to music!
The huge pool of water itself was a masterpiece.

Fire spewing out of a volcano!
Hot hot hot!

An acrobatic performance!
You can't help but stop and have a look, haha.

Don't tell me they're starring together?!
The quality of the street costumes was quite high!
A roller coaster in the middle of the hotel?!

A roller coaster in the middle of the hotel?! We were already screaming before we even got on, haha. Don't tell me they're starring together?! The quality of the street costumes was quite high!

Food is a wonderful form of entertainment too!
That's what our gut tells us, at least.
And so...

★We'll never forget our 10th anniversary!!

A special plaque and cake for our 10th anniversary!

The determined founding members of Access Games standing with the commemorative cake!

The full development staff at Access Games!
Thanks for your continued support!

Well, there you have it – Access Games' 10th anniversary trip to Las Vegas!!

It is because of the support from all our fans and those who have worked with us that we've been able to reach the great benchmark of 10 years!
I hope we can make use of the things we learned on our trip and offer some of it to you through our entertainment.
And every single member of the development team that went on the trip is determined to put more effort in now than ever before!
The games industry, in particular, is always changing, but with that industry as our pillar,
we will do our best to take on challenges one by one and become an even bigger presence over the next 10 years!!
Thank you for your continued support of Access Games!

I'll see you all in the next event report!!
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