2014.06.06 AG EVENT 2014 Welcome party for the new faces!! 06.06

Hello everyone!

This is the Access Games Event Committee.


Today, we're presenting to you this year's New Recruit Welcome Party!


This year we received our largest number of new hires ever!

How are each of them going to express their own unique qualities?

Please join us on our report of this exciting event!


For the event, we rented a party space in Minami Senba.

It's our first time having a party here!


Everyone's sitting in their seats and waiting... Just from the atmosphere, we can hear them all thinking: "I can't wait to start drinking!"



First, CEO Urasawa begins the toast chant. We pray for another Access Games victory! Cheeeers!


I'm going to make sure the intro to this party gets done right.


Locking arms and chugging! This is what it really means to “exchange cups!”

On the right, a newbies sits with CEO Urasawa and looking a little nervous (?)



We know our staff members have big appetites, so we prepared a ton of food for them this time around. Take a look for yourself!


Our staff members always eat every last bite, so we prepared a ton for them this time!

We were surprised by how artistic the food arrangements were!



Now that everyone's all liquored up, the party's really started!


And so, we begin our yearly Newbie Talent Show!

This is a great chance for newbies to get their seniors to remember their names!

We want everyone to do their best, but since we have more newbies than ever before this year,

they'll need to really knock our socks off to make an impression!


And so, the top batters this year were six members from the GM development office who were dancing some kind

of dance!


What? Six members? They all danced at once?!

That isn't fair!

But considering our time limitations, from the committee's point of view, they really helped us out!

Thanks! There's really nothing we can do about it!


The GM newbies, on parade!

Just what kind of a group performance did they show us?



Here, T gets too nervous to sing. After taking a quick breather, he managed to do it!

N was nervous too, but the other GM newbies cheered her on!

Y managed to connect his performance with finesse! Wait, he's not dancing... this is a song medley!

Looks like O's having some trouble... she got too drunk to sing!

H gave a very amiable performance. Can she change the pace of this drunken mess?!

S is kind of like the leader of the group. She also carried O back at the end.


...These game developing newbies will probably regret this tomorrow!


Continuing on, we have the newbies from the AM developing office.


W, a planner, begins with "alcohol trivia!"

He's trying to gain points by introducing himself as an alcohol lover!


The information was actually pretty helpful, and we also realized just how passionate he was about alcohol!




Next, we have a "Self Quiz" from M, a designer!


Apparently, it's a quiz about M herself


Hey wait, only she knows the answers! (LOL)

But actually, the audience answered a surprising amount of the questions.

Seems like everyone already knows about her!


Somehow, the M Quiz ended without trouble.

In the end, she even joked about herself a bit




Next, I, a designer, showed us a Fun Image Slide Show!

Just by calling them "fun," he gave himself a difficult hurdle to overcome!

However, he didn't seem worried at all, and talked pretty fluidly.

He had a good tempo as well. He went straight through, without seeming afraid, and for that we respect his courage.


I laughs at his own jokes. That's OK, they're funny! ...Right?!




Oh no! Right here, we have a sudden intrusion that not even the host was prepared for!

Y, a new planner, shocked us all with some surprising clothes, excitement, and dance!

He clearly seems experienced at this! He's really got some moves!

It was a surprisingly well-done performance, so everyone was really on the edge of their seats!


Everyone was really surprised. "What happened to him?!" Apparently, he was once in a visual kei band!



There were some surprises, but with that, we managed to end the Newbie Talent Show without any problems!

Next, we have the long-awaited presents for the winners!

The newbie whose talents shined the most will win one game of their choice!


Of course, this year's winner was...


Y, the planner who ran in and shocked everyone!

His skilled dancing really lit the room on fire!


Y is a true entertainer!

M got 2nd place, while W got 3rd. The other newbies also did very well. Applause!


All of the newbies displayed solid performances this year.

We're sure that they'll all be perfect fits at Access Games.

However, those who drank too much need to be careful from now on! (LOL)


Great job, everyone!

The night ended with a small speech from Chairman Okamoto.


During Chairman Okamoto's speech, CEO Urasawa started a rock-paper-scissors tournament for a D4 shirt!

Chairman Okamoto in the middle of his concluding speech (right) and S, who won the D4 shirt (left).



This was our biggest turnout ever,

and it really felt like we had powered up.

We're looking forward to see their great work from here on out!

Stay tuned for our next report!