2014.04.14 AG EVENT 2014 The OHANAMI 04.14

Hello everyone.

Access Games event committee here!


It is time for the hanami ("cherry blossom viewing") season in Japan!

Like every year, we hold a company event for the occasion.

We did it during the day like last year...

But the weather forecast said it would rain that day, so unfortunately we started the party within the office.

How terrible! How terrible of an event committee, you could say!

But it is not like we have nothing to talk about!




We had a gigantic screen showing cherry blossom images!

That's some sort of hanami in a way, right? It was kind of a forced surprise, but well...

It was not a bad thing, event committee!


A toast with the executive director Mr. Kakuwa (center right) and the CEO Mr. Urazawa (center left)!


Humbly drinking soft drinks!

Even AG's biggest gluttons were satisfied!


A big gathering!

Who brought that huge bottle?!



We had of course some food ready as well: pizzas, sandwiches and starters to nibble on a bit.

It is always hard to have enough food to satisfy the AG staff gluttony!


Only half of it left after 30 seconds!

I hope no one drank too much!


We had some sophisticated Japanese cakes "Sakura mochi" for dessert!




After everybody's hunger was indulged, we hold a lottery.

People could win a free hamburger ticket, gift cards or even an air cleaner.

I have to say, every year the event committee surprises everybody with really good ideas!



All the lucky winners. Congratulations!



As our stomachs and pockets - for some! - were finally full, we thought we would call it a day,
but the organizer suddenly told us to gather in the first floor lobby.


Everybody was a bit nervous...

"Where are we going?!"



And finally, our group arrived at...





The Osaka Castle Pier!!

The weather forecast was actually good for the late afternoon, so the event did not have to be just indoors!

The idea was to enjoy the lush cherry blossoms in the Osaka Castle vicinity from a boat.

Good job, event committee, you managed to go from a rainy hanami within the office to a cruise!




It is the first time we organized an Access Games hanami cruise, so everyone was excited.

The CEO surprised us by buying himself all the beer available on the boat for everyone!

And some seemed to feel dizzy from it! Was everyone alright?

Okay, I don't know if you noticed...

This report is supposed to be about cherry blossoms, so where are they?!

There you go, some cherry blossom pictures!


Now that's a Japanese spring!

Beautiful full bloom.

The view from the boat was also great.

We were a bit worried about the way the event would turn out, but as you can see on the pictures, the weather was nice and we ended up having a great time!

The cherry blossoms after the rain were beautiful, and compared to the exciting BBQ we had last year, it felt a bit more elegant.

A few people fell asleep during the cruise, soothed by the gentle swaying of the boat. It is also a nice way to appreciate it, right?

The cruise came to an end without trouble, and the event ended on a few words by our CEO Mr. Urazawa.


Everybody paid attention to the ending speech on the swaying boat.





We will do our best so that all of us from Access Games

can see the same cherry blossoms next year!

It was a bit of a quick report,

but see you for the next one!