2015.12.17 AG EVENT 2015 End of the Year Party 12.17
Hello everyone!
We hope you're ready for another report from the Access Games Event Committee!

There are only a few days left of 2015.
We're well into December now, and even though it's supposed to be a warm winter this year, it still feels cold enough to us. Can't underestimate winter.
But the Access Games staff members still have magma hot passion when it comes to work!
Last week, we took some of that burning hot passion and poured it into our end of the year party!

Now, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for our 2015 End of the Year Party Report!

We had the party at a chinese resturant in Nipponbashi, Osaka!
We've used this space three times before. The chefs here really know their Chinese food, and their cuisine never fails to fill up our stomachs.

See how Chinese this looks!? We brought just enough people to fill the space

Everyone's waiting excitedly for the event to begin. Just be a little more patient, guys!

The CEO of Access Games, Urazawa, gave us all a heartful introduction, upon which we all made a toast. Thus began the 2015 End of the Year Party!

Urazawa's speech for the toast. Everyone listened intently and reflected on the past year.

Voices ring out as everyone makes a toast! We could really hear everyone congratulating each other on their good work over the past year. Now, time to eat! Time to drink!!

It's all you can eat, but you have to order what you want, so everyone's seriously scouring the menu! "Steamed food takes longer to make, so we gotta order that first!"

Little steamed chicks served on a platter!! Hey, eat me first!!

Since it was all you can eat, a ton of Chinese food became lined up on our tables.
Without delay, everyone started to pig out and wash down all the food with some beer.
It's the event committee's job to take pictures of the event and make a report, but we brought a secret weapon this time.

One of our employees who happens to like gadgets brought a camera that can take 360 degree videos!
The images are a little small and hard to see, but please take a look at the results of our labors!

When you place it in the center of the table, it can take pictures of everyone's faces. Choosing round Chinese-style tables was the right decision!

This is how it looked when it was surrounded by food. It looks really cool when someone stretches their hand out to get food.

Then, once the banquet got into full swing...

Standby... Standby...

OK, everyone! Put down your chopsticks for a moment and look over here!
This year, we've prepared another End of the Year Annual Lottery!Tada!

Leaders and sub-leaders from various sections donated a mountain of top-quality items for the lottery!
Some broke their own hearts and brought in items from their precious collections, while others went out to buy things just for the event.
We're so thankful for everyone's heartfelt sentiments!
...Now, enough with the modesty.
C'mon, you guys! Let's take home everything!
There are over 20 big wins this year!
That means over 1/3 of the people at the End of the Year event will win something! Put on your game faces!!

We used playing cards for the lottery this year. Whenever an event committee member draws a card, whoever has the same card wins.
Since there were more than 53 people at the event, that meant several of the drawings would bring up more than one person, which made things all the more exciting.
Now, everyone tenses up and gets ready for the lottery to begin...
What's Urazawa doing?

Before the lottery begins, Urazawa yanks out two cards. Huh? What's he going to do with them?

A-anyway, let's get started with the lottery!
When the event committee member yells "Heart..." everyone starts to cheer, but when he says "7," everyone sighs except for one person.
One by one, people claim their prizes and sit back down, midst all the cheering.

A whole year's worth of stick snacks! They may be delicious, but be careful not to eat too much!

An alcohol glass that makes you wanna go out and get a drink! ...No, wait, it's a Est** Flask from a certain game series. (Super rare)

Meat! Aaaand meat!! We're sure it's very delicious, but what an unusual choice for a present... (LOL)

A set of goods that'll really get people fired up! Warm up your body to survive the winter!

An inflatable punching bag! Punch it to relieve stress!!

A humidifier, which is perfect for the upcoming dry season. It's the perfect appliance for the housewife inside everyone!

As cheers continue to ring out, the event reaches its climax.
That's right, the part that everyone's been waiting for...
The super special presents!!

It's finally time to unveil them!
At this point, the event's reached max voltage!
Every year, we make the top special present the newest game console, but this year, Urazawa wanted to go with a 'different approach from what we usually do!'
And so, thanks to his passion, we prepared two truly wonderful presents this year!
Special Present 1 Two year-long passes to a famous theme park in Osaka!
Special Present 2 A set-top box that will allow users to watch all the hottest titles!!

Two special presents!! It-it's unbelievable!!
Now! Time to pull the next card and decide who...
H-huh? Urazawa picked up the mic!

"The truth is... I already pulled out two cards before we began and decided who the winners are!"

Oh! So that's what he was doing!
I thought he was just playing a trick again... Ahem, ahem.

Two year-long passes to a famous theme park in Osaka!! A year-long pass and two tickets to a famous theme park in Osaka!! Please go and have fun there with your wife.

A set-top box!! It even has options that allow you to attach it to whatever hardware you want! Let's be friends. I'll come watch stuff with you.


"And so, that concludes the lottery event."
But before the event committee member could finish saying that...

"Hold on! We also got presents from the companies who assisted us this year!!"
Another great development surprised even the event committee members!

And so, the lottery event continued on and on!

A member of the sound section got a piece of music software! What a perfect match!

A VITA game! The perfect prize for a game company.

A lot of other presents were handed out besides the one featured in the pictures above. Thank you very much for everything!

Afterwards, we steadily approached the end of the event.

We ate. We drank. I'm pretty sure we won't have to eat any Chinese food for the next several weeks!

The event was so exciting that we didn't have much time to talk afterwards. After Managing Director Kakuwa gave us a fitting concluding speech, we ended the 2015 End of the Year Party. Now that we've washed off our dust, we at Access Games are ready to march into the new year.

How did you like our 2015 End of the Year Party Report? We hope that 2016 will be a great year for all of you, and that it proves to be an excellent year for Access Games!

See you at the next report!